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Episode 4: The Seduction of Rumba

Updated: Mar 14, 2018

A dance journey in #Cuba is not complete without an exploration of RUMBA! This Afro-Cuban dance is rhythmic and complex, and actually has three distinct styles.

Episode 4 of Follow My Lead: Havana focuses on the sensual, flirtatious and bold “guaguancó” style.

I wanted to learn it because:

1)  If you really want to dance salsa with the best in Cuba - you HAVE to know guaguancó. Many salsa songs mix in #rumba rhythms and very often leaders like to add it to their partner dancing in various ways. If your partner starts doing guaguancó, you can’t just continue with salsa steps. (Well, not if you want to be any good.)

2) As much as I’m passionate about mastering salsa dancing in Cuba in all its forms, it’s equally important to me that I gain more knowledge and appreciation of the powerful influence of the island’s African roots on its dance and music culture. Rumba is an essential part of that educational pursuit.

I’m at the beginning of my journey studying rumba. And as you’ll see in the episode, it was quite complicated for me for many reasons! But I hope to give you a sense of my learning experience in order to spark YOUR curiosity and passion to learn more :)


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