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Going Backwards Is Part of the Process

Do you ever feel like you're going backwards in some aspect of your life?

Or maybe just in life in general?

During my first week back in #Cuba in April, I was at a dance class at Casa del Son. We were sharing a classroom with two other couples and afterwards I talked to the other women - two of whom recognized me because they had seen Follow My Lead - in Denmark!!

One of the women was having a hard time in class and thought back to the part in Episode 3 where I'm crying because I'm so frustrated with my lack of progress learning choreography for my performance. I felt like I was "going backwards". She felt the same way in class that day.

Melissa Mansfield with dancers from Copenhagen at Casa del Son in Havana, Cuba
Lena, me and Ida after dance class at Casa del Son in Havana, Cuba

Here's the good part: She remembered how that episode ended. That she wasn't alone in this feeling - of frustration, of learning and forgetting and relearning, of going backwards before you go forwards - and that you DO get to the other side!

She told me I was her "spirit animal" that day. I know that's a problematic term, so I just took it to mean, "your sharing your vulnerabilities helped me be kinder to myself."

Confession: I'm still "going backwards".

Here I am on another exciting dance adventure (#tango in Buenos Aires!) ... this should be easy by now, right?! Wrong. I'm still learning, forgetting, and relearning so much - mostly a lot about self-compassion, faith and patience.

The more I accept that this is not a failure or a deep character flaw, just a part of the process, the more I can ... breathe. (Also, it would be good to be less terrified of failure! That's next on the agenda ;)

So here's to all of us shuffling forward and backward in life - we're still getting somewhere. ♡♡♡♡♡


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